More importantly, you should know when to remove wax, though I will briefly tell you all about earwax! Been there done that experience :D

A huge unbelievable slug of wax popped of my ear to the kidney tray as the technician squirted lukewarm water into my ear via the scary…

An old man meets a young man who asks:

“Do you remember me?”

And the old man says no. Then the young man tells him he was his student, And the teacher asks:

“What do you do in life?”

The young man answers:

“Well, I became a teacher.”

“ah, how…

I killed a fly in my room, came back after a few minutes to trash it and to my surprise I saw many maggots coming out of it.

Searched on youtube and found out that they are flying host (planes) full of maggots!!!! Weirdest new knowledge in my whole 33 years of life!

So never leave a fly lying there when you kill it or it dies, throw it out of your room/house, otherwise you will get many more coming soon.

I can’t believe, what I just witnessed !!!!! $!€|<

~Don’t spread, let others suffer 🤫 ~

Yes, it’s the perfect LONG Term investment! Keep reading to know why I believe so!

If you want to know how to buy SafeMoon, then watch this Step-by-Step Youtube video, if you have any questions about the process ask me here or in the video comments section & I’ll get…

People have limited access to the gyms nowadays, or insufficient space at home to keep all those exercise equipment. Staying at home is a new norm now and that’s getting you out of shape.

Here are the 5 Best Smart Home Gyms that only need a limited space to keep…

Apple always launches its very first product with a sleek and unique style and Airpods Max is no exception. They change a few corners here and there, keeping it up with the high-end Luxury tech. And that’s how they tag it with such a whopping price.

👉👉👉 Source:


This career advice experience came late in my life but helped me since;

I called the surgical doc on-call, “A 15-year girl presented with lower abdominal pain, burning urination … (patient history continues) … it may be a urinary or ovarian problem but I would like you to see the…

We come across Everyday things that we do not know the real purpose of. Let’s get to know such 10 hidden secrets here!!!


And I saved her marital life!

“I have dyspareunia (pain during intercourse) and avoided being physical with my husband for the last one year due to pain,” said this young lady :( & that was enough for me to find the silent cause.

Empathy — to put yourself in someone else’s shoes”

While working in the…

Nissan Skyline R34

A father said to his daughter “You have graduated with honors, here is a car I bought many years ago. It is pretty old now. …

Amin Shah

Emergency Doctor , MBA in Strategic Management @ Pace University NY

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