DON’T Buy Apple Airpods Max Without Reading This…!!! PROS & CONS

Apple always launches its very first product with a sleek and unique style and Airpods Max is no exception. They change a few corners here and there, keeping it up with the high-end Luxury tech. And that’s how they tag it with such a whopping price.

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The new AirPods Max is the first Apple-branded over-ear (not on-ear) headphones. Almost every other headphone out there is made of plastic but this is metal built.

The designers have done a remarkable job by making a metal headphone practically wearable and comfortable by placing a thin flexible mesh band on top that evenly distributes the weight over the head, though it has its Pros & Cons as nicely mentioned in the video.

The typical leather earcups get your ears fuming after a few hours of listening, while this meshwork is a good solution to that. Headphones are discarded mostly because of the cracked or worn out leather covering, while the replaceable Earcup gig is a great problem solver here, though it can cost you $69.

It does come in different colors, unlike the Airpods.


- High-end Luxury

- Sturdy Stainless Steel

- Replaceable Meshwork Earcups

- Spatial Audio Theatre-like Experience

- Smoothly Switch b/w Apple Products

- Easy Switch to Noise Cancellation

- 20-hr Battery Life

- 5-min Charge can play for 90-min

- Audio Sharing feature b/w 2 Airpods Max

- Software Updates


- Expensive Price Tag

- No Power Button

- Battery drains while out of its Case, though in Standby

- Heavier than its Competitors

- Extra weight noticed if you nod your head after long sessions

- May Bleed with Volume~80+

- No Apple Logo

- Poorly Designed Case

- Jacket sleeve is the only place to Power off the Headphones

- No 3.5mm Jack Port

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